The Embrook 4D Process

The Embrook 4D Process is our four-step system for helping employers consider new health care options that depart dramatically from the status quo, embrace new cost-control measures and deliver a high-performing health plan to your employees.


Change can be challenging, and the Embrook 4D process recognizes that. We help to define your organization’s willingness, desire and especially your ability to deliver high-performing health care, all while analyzing your employees’ health, company finances and your organization’s penchant for change management. From there, the Embrook team pulls together best-in-class service and technology providers to craft the right plan for your business.

Step 1: Define Great Health Care

We begin by identifying and better defining your expectations for great health care. Usually this becomes a dialogue in which we share best practices from around the country, dispel common misunderstandings of the health care system and introduce you to the health care supply chain.

Step 2: Know Your Demand for Great Health Care

In economics, “demand” refers to the desire, willingness, and ability to buy a good or service. In this step, we look at your organization’s “true demand for health care,” taking into account your employees’ health, your recruiting and compensation strategies and your cash flow. At the end of Step 2, you’ll know how much your benefits can improve and if there is a cost or savings to improving the benefits.

Step 3: Design the Plan to Fit Your Demand

In this step, we design the best strategy, tactics and service providers that fit your “true demand for health care.” Embrook’s experience, dedication to research and knowledge of vendors help create the plan that best fits the results.


Step 4: Deliver Better Health Care Benefits at Lower Costs

Through attention to detail, employee engagement and data analysis, we help you execute new health care options that are higher quality, at lower costs. In the process, technology is leveraged constantly to educate employees, streamline administration and compliance as well as measure results.