Human Resources

Embrook’s HR Support services are for clients who need to process, track or monitor employees, but either don’t have the people and systems to get it done, or need to further support their in-house staff. Many clients already have a payroll vendor’s platform or an in-house HR system, but often don’t get the most out of it. Embrook can recommend a system if you don’t have one. From system set-up to moving data to the right places, Embrook gets it done.

  • HR, Payroll and Benefits systems

    • Select the right system

    • Assist in implementation and data transfer​

    • Administer the system (Embrook runs the system for you)

  • Screening and Onboarding

    • Select the right vendors for drug screenings, background checks, reference checks, applicant tracking systems

    • Manage the process, Embrook will get the employee from offer letter, through screening and into orientation, making sure it is done quickly and completely.

  • Paid Time Off

    • Policy Development

    • System Selection and Implementation


Do you need to make sure that employees do something by a certain date? These are small tasks when done well, but a HUGE problem if they aren’t done at all. Embrook can be be the Outsourced Manager for employee administration needs -- from running your payroll system, to tracking your employees licenses and certificates, to making sure mandatory notices are sent on time.